4.2) Recommendations on Reaching Underserved Audiences

During the project Science for All, we compiled 7 recommendations on engaging with marginalized and underserved audiences. The recommendations are based on the community experience (through a review of existing guidelines and recommendations) as well as our own practical experiences during the participatory development of science communication formats. They are addressed specifically towards science communicators but also apply to scientists who want to reflect on their communication activities and look for ways to be more inclusive and engage with a more diverse audience. Also here, the initial disclaimer applies: the recommendations try to compile overarching approaches and first steps – for the actual conception and communication, engaging the communities early on and as far as possible in a participatory approach is the way ahead.

(The following recommendations are taken verbatim from the article: Humm, C., & Schrögel, P. (2020). Science for all? Practical recommendations on reaching underserved audiences. Frontiers in Communication5, 42. https://doi.org/10.3389/fcomm.2020.00042)

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