A conversation with Dr. Kaytee Canfield

To provide a broader perspective on the challenges and approaches to inclusive science communication, I am talking with Kaytee Canfield. She is Co-Author of The State of Inclusive Science Communication: A Landscape Study and presents some central aspects of the study.

Dr. Kaytee Canfield is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Translational Science at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She is an interdisciplinary scholar activist working across fields of public engagement, environmental justice, and critical tourism studies. She completed her Marine Affairs doctorate on residents‘ perceptions of social injustices of tourism development on Catalina Island, California, and has been working with the Metcalf Institute at the University of Rhode Island, researching inclusive science communication.

Infographic on the core aspects of The State of Inclusive Science Communication: A Landscape Study: Key Traits, Challenges, Moving Forward (Graphic: Christine Liu / Metcalf Institute, CC BY-ND 4.0)

Further resources of the Inclusive SciComm Symposium at the Metcalf Institute can be found here: https://inclusivescicomm.org/resources/

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