3.1) Three short Readings

To further support a broader picture, I would like to encourage you to read into some further perspectives on inclusive science communication. Three examples of short and accessible blog posts are provided below. You are invited to share your thoughts on these pieces and discuss with the other users of the Lernraum in the comment sections. Are there parts of the articles, that you find particularly relevant or interesting? Do you have similar experiences of your own? Do you have thoughts or questions you want to leave here in the Lernraum for discussion with others?

If you want to engage further with the international community as well as the authors, you could also use the comment section of the original posts where available.

Please be aware that only respectful comments are welcome here as well as on the original pages.

Elizabeth Rasekoala, Lindy Orthia (2020) Anti-racist science communication starts with recognising its globally diverse historical footprint

Emily Polk, Sibyl Diver (2019) Why Inclusive Science Communication Benefits All People


Emily Dawson (2018) Challenging social exclusion in science communication


(If you would like to see even more perspectives, please check the last optional section of this module where three more insights are linked as external videos.)

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